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Top four biggest casinos in Australia

The Australian countries are renowned for their love towards gambling, brick and the mortar casino remain a very important gambling context for the Australian gamblers. There are so many casinos in the country around 20 and among the very huge is the Crown Sydney and it is slotted to open in 2019. Other than these 20 casinos several small venues usually offer the poker machines. Here are some of the best casinos ever in the Australian country; they are as follows;


Crown is Sydney’s tallest building and they are huge casinos among Australia. Melbourne’s named Crown casino because they are the biggest land-based casino in Australia and they didn’t stop with that there is also the largest casino development in their southern hemisphere.

Everything in the Crown casino is perfect and they have made the gambling heaven between the quality and quantity. The Crown has the three towers that comprising of 1604 rooms along with that there is a wide array of fine dining establishments.

Other than this the best thing for the gamblers is there are 3500 poker machines that offer a wide range of gambling options to the users and there are 40 unique table games.

Treasury Casino and hotel

There are also one of the famous gambling hotels in Australia and there are more than 1300 poker machines. Other than this there is a wide variety of table games across the 80 tables. For the casino, the Treasury Casino and Hotel is the perpetual field for the gamblers. The hotel offers 128 luxurious rooms and there are seven well-established dining options with the beverage and the entertainment options to match.

Crown Perth

The Crown casino is formerly said to be Burswood Island Casino and this casino destination has the mega entertainment complex. The current facilities include three hotels, two ballrooms, nightclubs, theatre, and 32 restaurants and bars. Other than this there are various recreation facilities to keep their customers keep engaged and along with the casino, there is a huge spa too. There are 200 to 350 table games in the hotel.

star casino

Star casino

The star casino shines brightly in Australia’s gambling sky and they are one of the largest Australian casinos. It has more than 351 rooms and there are 30 distinct table games across the 200 tables along with the 30 poker games. The star has 13 restaurants along with the eight bars that keeping on fuel up the gamblers.

Final thoughts

Australian’s are the world’s most profitable gamblers based on their per capita spending and this makes the high demand for the best casinos in Australia, among them some of the best casinos are above mentioned.