AWE Conference 2013


November 8 – 10, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Purpose of AWE conference

Empowering Asian women to follow their dreams and thrive in an independent lifestyle.

Breaking the mold, and standing out is tougher for Asian women in a male-dominated society. We are restricted by culture, religion, and social convention. Many ambitious women have been going abroad, where it’s easier to follow their passions in an unconventional path.

The world is changing, and Asia is slowly participating in the movement. While it is still difficult to choose your own path in Asian society, there are more inspirational Asian women who are impacting our global world. AWE Conference will present models of successful Asian women, and discuss participant’s current life goals through workshops while designing the roads to success.


What we want to achieve

Spark inspiration, initiate action.

Ideas will simply remain ideas if not connected to action. Through the AWE Conference, I want to not only spark inspiration from the successful cases, but also initiate action with practical information. The word entrepreneurship is not mentioned too often in Asia. Support systems for these people who are not on the common path do not exist. Furthermore, women are not encouraged to be involved in society’s hierarchical system.

Against all these odds, there are women who have followed their passion, and have achieved enormous success. I have invited some of the most inspiring of these women to my conference. They will share their story of success with participants.




Who is this conference for

AWE Conference is designed for Asian women and expatriates in Asia who want to:

✔ Thrive with unconventional life choices
✔ Acquire ideas of diverse ways of success
✔ Belong to a community of inspiring women
✔ Seek more opportunities in life
✔ Get inspired to achieve their dreams